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\( o Oo)/ Wuuuuhuuu!!

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1 note   -  30 September, 2014
Would you rather face her and regret it, or run away and regret it? Seasons - Chapter 2, Page 12, by Takemiya Jin (via wisdom-from-fiction)

Elsa & Anna by Takemiya Jin (x)
my favorite yuri mangaka „*0*„
Anonymous was like: Would be cool if you post a photo of your yuri manga collection :)


My phone camera’s pretty …terrible.image

My volume 1 of sakura trick is not here yet :< CRIES.

It took like 3 weeks to get my order in but 3 days to actually get here T.T

Now. Where do I put it? I literally have no space LOL I cleaned out my wardrobe just for snsd merchandises so kill me.